Mirror, Mirror - 
                                Why do you show me these things? 
                                 All I see in your mirror is sadness. 
                                       A face grey in color, 
                              eyes more hollow than the deepest well. 
                                              A life- 
                                    filled with pity and despair. 

                                         Mirror, Mirror - 
                                 Why don't you show me the good? 
                              Your pictures used to be filled with love, 
                                      happiness and peace. 
                                   You used show a hopeful girl, 
                                      eyes bright as the sun. 

                                         Mirror, Mirror - 
                                         my soul is bare. 
                                       Can you tell me why? 
                                       You show me truth, 
                                     but your truth is violent, 
                                          without rest. 

                                         Mirror, Mirror - 
                                         You betray me, 
                                     but you are not the first. 

                                         Mirror, Mirror - 
                                   You will not hurt me anymore, 
                                      for I will not look again. 

By Elizabeth Farrell 

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©2000 Elizabeth Farrell
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