Hello Everyone and Welcome to my Gallery.  All of the graphics below are things
that I have made using Paint Shop Pro 6.02 .  Learning to do graphics has been fun and I would have to thank a wonderful group called FlyByNight Graphics.  Please visit them amd you may want to join them too.

*Please be patient, as this page may
take some time to load because it
is graphic intense.*

This is a silver frame tutorial I did.  Thanks to
Bonnie.  I also made a backgroud from it as you
could see.

This is another framed tutorial I did, curtesy of Bonnie.  This
one was my favorite, since I love cats.

This was my FlyByNight July Challenge Submission.

This was my FlyByNight August Challenge Submission.

This is a Room Tutorial I did.  I love cats.
The white one on the floor actually looks like
my new kitten, Skyler.

This was a triple frame tutorial.
The faded Angel is a part of
a painting from a wonderful
artist named Jonathon E. Bowser.

This one had to be the hardest tutorial
I did as of yet.  We were supposed
to make animated self-portraits.  But,
I have to say it was the most fun.

This was a part of a mission given
to us by the group leader, Donna.

The following images are from a
tutorial call Ovalkaid Frame.  I
made three and you tell which 
ones where my first attempt.

Again the original painting is
one of J. E. Bowser's.

This is my dog, Pudgy.

I will post more as they come, so please keep checking back.  Again thank you to FlyByNight for teaching me to use Paint Shop Pro.

I love to get email, so please send me some or better yet sign my guestbook.


The midi playing is "On My Own"

<bgsound src="OnMyOwn.mid"loop= infinite>

This page is best viewed in the font BlackChancery .

*All graphics on this page were created by me.  The
background and buttons were made specifically for
this page, please do not take them.  I will
be making a graphic site soon with free backgrounds
for everyone.  Thank you for respecting this clause.*