Harry and Lloyd, the two that I consider my children.  Myself and Jon, my now husband, had just recently moved in together.  At the time I was going through what I thought was a withdrawl.  You see, I was out on my own for the first time.  I was 25 years old.  My parents took care of me for all those years, they sheltered me, fed me, and let no harm come to me.  Don't get me wrong I did work and paid a good chunk of my earning to help pay for my college tuition.  But the "incidentals" were taken on by my parents.  In Janurary of 1999, one month after I got engaged, my parents bought a house in Florida (mind you I live in New Jersey).  I had never been apart from my parents for more than 4 weeks.  I was scared.  I became depressed and cried every day for my mommy.  Again let me remind you, I was 25 years old at that point.  On top of leaving me on my own, they took the three things that meant the world to me.  Those three things were my Cairn Terrier Dogs (Pudgy, Sandy, and Dixie).  That made things worse than they should have been.  I loved those dogs more that life.  So besides crying about my parents leaving, I cried about losing my dogs.  So after a few months of dealing with my lunacy, Jon decided to take me to the Animal Shelter in our county.  I was so excited, the happiest I had been in a long time.  I walked in the shelter, a hot day in June 1999, set on getting a dog.  I got no further than the front desk when I saw these two little muchkins reaching out to touch me.  I thought to myself, "i've never been a cat person, I don't even know how to care for them."  But something told me these two kittens were going to make me feel better.  So we took them home.  Now a year later, my cats are healthy and fat, and as for me, I'm happy, marreid and adjusting.  My cats were the best thing for me and I believe I was the best thing for them.

Above is the newest addition to my family.  His name is Skyler.  You can't see it in this picture, but his eyes are sky blue.  Sky is a pure breed mix between a Siamese (his mother) and a Himilayen (his father).  As you can see, Lloyd has already made friends with Sky, but Harry is being a bit stand offish.  But if I know Harry, he'll come around.


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